0-Residence L front-detail
1-Residence L Front Facade
2-Residence L Front Facade
3-Residence L Rear-A
4-Residence L Rear-B
5-Residence L Rear Side
6-Residence L Pool
7-Residence L Stair
8-Residence L Living Room
9-Residence L Living Room
10-Residence L Dining
11-Residence L Breakfast
12-Residence L guest brm
The house plan of Residence-L was influenced by the character of the property, which opens in a fan-like fashion towards the rear yard. The land descends from front to rear, revealing a wide lawn with tall trees along the perimeter.

Elena Kalman designed the house as three distinct wedges, corresponding to its functional components. On the first floor, the middle portion of the plan consists of the foyer, open stairway and dining room; the two story living room on the left of the dining room, forms the left portion of the plan (on the north-western side with afternoon light) and the kitchen/family room wing to the right of the dining room forms the right hand side of the plan (on the south-eastern side with morning light). Upstairs, all of the bedrooms have views of the lush gardens.

The house utilizes many energy-saving features, including geothermal heat.